Marianne Vos (Team Visma-Lease a Bike): “We went all in”

April 30 th 2024 - 18:23 [GMT + 2]

Of course, I’m very happy and satisfied. We already worked hard and tried hard yesterday, and then we had some bad luck in the final. Today we went all in again. All the girls worked really hard for this, so of course it’s really nice to be able to finish it off. I’m very happy with this win. The roads were wet at the beginning, and it was very slippery. There were a lot of crashes, and of course we just hope that everybody gets through it OK. As for the late crash, I didn’t really see what happened. I was just trying to get in a good position to the finish line. They always say that crashes are part of the races, but it’s never nice when it happens.

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