Claudia San Justo (Eneicat-CM Team): “I’m going to frame this white jersey”

May 3 rd 2024 - 18:54 [GMT + 2]

We had been trying to be on the breakaway all Vuelta Femenina long, and we finally made it today. I’m very happy I got this prize and managed to feature at the front. This is being a very hard Vuelta for me, with such high level… I’m taking it day by day, doing my best to finish the race. What I achieved is very special for the whole Eneicat-CM Team, as we had been very unlucky when it came to attacking. Being represented in at least one breakaway is a big deal for us – especially if, on top of that, we get to stand on the podium! I think I’m going to frame this white jersey. Who would have known that I was going to get a jersey on my first Vuelta!

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