‘La Vuelta’ identity to continue growing

March 8 th 2024 - 11:45 [GMT + 1]

After years of hard work, 2023 saw the exciting launch of La Vuelta Femenina by Carrefour.es. The riders truly went above and beyond, battling fiercely in every terrain during every stage. To top it all off, during the climb of Lagos de Covadonga, Annemiek van Vleuten and Demi Vollering thrilled us with a battle to the very last ramp, in an edition that will go down in history.

This first edition was also special due to the amazing welcome we received at each and every city we visited, making each departure and stage finale a celebration.

Now it’s time to focus both on the present and the future of a race with one clear objective: to continue to grow. This growth goes hand-in-hand with the sponsors and institutions that allow the race to consolidate its position as one of the most important events in the women’s calendar. With one additional stage in 2024, we will now cover two weekends, thus making the race more accessible to a larger number of fans and making it even more spectacular.

This second edition will also give us the opportunity to visit large cities, departing from Valencia and arriving in Madrid on the last day. Add to this the race’s visit to Zaragoza, and La Vuelta Femenina 24 by Carrefour.es will be present in three of our country’s most populated cities.

There will, however, also be room for tiny municipalities who view the race as a way to showcase themselves. La Vuelta has already proved that we can reach every corner of our country, and La Vuelta Femenina by Carrefour.es must now do the same.

Our shared identity will take us to summits that are already well-known to La Vuelta, such as the Alto del Fuerte Rapitán, in the Pyrenees, which make their debut in La Vuelta Femenina by Carrefour.es; and La Laguna Negra, in Vinuesa, that will also star in the women’s race. Valdesquí will also make its debut as a stage arrival and will be decisive with regards to the overall winner.

Furthermore, we will mark the event’s return to the Autonomous Community of Madrid – the usual setting for the Challenge by La Vuelta, our origins. We will visit the Distrito Telefónica, in order to celebrate its 100th anniversary together, just as we will do in September with La Vuelta.

I would like to end this by thanking everyone who made this project’s growth possible: fans, sponsors, institutions, the media, the organiser… Together, we work to make La Vuelta Femenina by Carrefour.es grow steadily so that we may all enjoy the passion that unites us.


Director of La Vuelta Femenina by Carrefour.es

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